K-Citymarket Hämeensaari

The use of water- and greaseproof paper biowaste bags in grocery stores promotes recycling and environmental friendliness for two reasons:

1. Using a biowaste bag for vegetables and fruit is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or bioplastic bags.

2. The paper bag can be used as a biowaste bag in the customer's household. Printing recycling instructions on the side of the bag makes it easier for the user to understand recycling and how easy it is.

Eemeli Aaltonen: "There has been a demand for this option! We have been using the new HeVi paper bags in Hämeensaare for a month now, and there has been a real demand for them.This paper bag acts as a new kind of organic bag, i.e. a fruit/biowaste bag at the same time. We want to take our responsibility, and present relevant alternatives in our shop. This way we live alongside our customers every day in our workplace."

The Hämeenlinna waste management company that collects biowaste from residents:

"It's very easy to pack bio-waste in paper bags. Only the so-called biodegradable plastic bags are not suitable for packaging bio-waste that goes to the plant. Paper bags and newspapers are by far the best packaging materials for bio-waste at the moment."

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