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In June, TA-Foundations launched a bio-waste pilot in cooperation with Jubilo. Residents who took part in the trial were able to try out new types of paper biowaste bags and baskets. The aim of the trial was to increase the amount of waste that could be recycled and to make recycling as easy as possible for residents. The experience was positive.

Six properties and a total of 260 households in Helsinki, Espoo and Kerava were initially selected to participate in the trial.

After a two-month trial, we asked residents for their opinion on the biowaste bags tested and over 80% of respondents were satisfied with the paper bags. Before the trial period, around 76% of respondents recycled their biowaste and during the trial period, up to 93% of respondents reported recycling their biowaste.

Anu Vähäkallio, TA-Foundations

New properties to join the pilot

Around 84% of respondents would like to continue the experiment. Initially, the participating households were given bags of biowaste for about a year and it is hoped that the use of the bags will continue. It was also decided to expand the trial and we are now starting the trial in 15 new houses in Helsinki, Lahti and Turku.

Anu Vähäkallio, TA-Foundations

The bags and baskets will be delivered directly to the apartments selected for the trial, and there is no need for residents to buy or collect the bags themselves. Some of the houses selected for the pilot are still under construction and will be completed later this year. The bags and baskets will be delivered to these apartments ready for the new residents.

Biowaste to biogas and biofertiliser

Sorting bio-waste is an easy environmental action that does not require much effort. Biowaste is a valuable raw material that can be converted into energy - biogas.

Biogas is produced by grounding organic waste in an anoxic in an anoxic environment. Biogas can be used to replace fossil fuels. fossil fuels in vehicles or for electricity and heat production. It acts as also an excellent source of energy for industry.

Biogas production leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, as biogas does not emit excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Biofertiliser is produced as a by-product of the biogas process. Biofertiliser has a high nutritional value and contains many of the nutrients our crops need, such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

Ta-companies recycling

From an environmental point of view, it is better to use domestic biofertilisers that reuse the phosphorus in the biowaste than to use imported mineral fertilisers.

One bag of bio-waste can produce enough biogas for a four-kilometre drive or enough biofertiliser to produce enough phosphorus to produce 11 oats for a ration of porridge.

Customer stories
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