Biogas from waste

Biogas for buses and cars - a renewable and environmentally friendly fuel.

Biowaste is a fantastic product that can be turned into a renewable energy source - biogas. Biogas reduces the negative climate impact by replacing petrol and diesel and can be produced locally. Using biogas instead of diesel in our vehicles means less noise and emissions. The process will also create more green jobs in Finland.

Your bio-waste allows us to produce energy and nutrients needed by the soil in our local biogas plants.

Did you know that?

  • You can drive 4 kilometres in a car with fuel made from one bag of bio-waste.
  • A biogas car emits 2 600 kg less greenhouse gases per year than a petrol car.
  • Fossil natural gas as a fuel reduces CO2 emissions by 23% per unit of energy, while biogas reduces emissions by as much as 93%.

Biogas powered waste trucks and buses

A normal bus can run for a year on bio-waste from around 3 000 people. Public transport can become locally self-sufficient in fuel by sorting your bio-waste!

  • A bus with 55 passengers travels 1 000 km on the bio-waste produced by its passengers in a year.
  • 3 000 people can run a city bus for a year on bio-waste.
  • 1 200 people can drive a waste truck for a year with biowaste.

By using biogas in cars, buses and trucks, we can create a greener and more sustainable society.

This is achieved by

  • Reducing emissions of particles that are harmful to health.
  • By reducing the use of oil and fossil fuels.
  • By creating more green jobs.
  • Creating a circular economy by recycling bio-waste.

Biogas and our society

  • Biogas is unique compared to other biofuels, as around 90% of it is produced in Finland, from Finnish raw materials.
  • Biogas not only creates local, green jobs, it also promotes the export of Finnish technology and reduces Finland's need to import other fuels.
  • Your banana peels and old cheese rinds are simply helping to make technological advances, create new jobs and develop research in Finland.

Biogas helps meet several national environmental objectives

Climate neutrality - no net carbon dioxide emissions

Fresh air - biogas reduces nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions and harmful particles, helping to meet outdoor air quality standards.

No eutrophication - biogas contributes to nutrient cycling, fertiliser digestion reduces nutrient leakage and nitrogen deposition from transport emissions is reduced.

Sustainable biological waste management, linking urban and rural areas.

Acidifying emissions in our nature and water systems are reduced when biogas replaces petrol or diesel.

In 2020, 50% of bio-waste will be treated. After that, it will become mandatory. Are you with us to help?

Read more about biogas on the Biogas Association website "

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