Waste management companies

Efficient bio-waste sorting system

Our solution is an investment for waste management companies, the value of which is reflected in many different levels in the value chain for bio-waste treatment. An efficient system increases the amount of bio-waste collected and reduces costs.

Our bio-waste solution focuses on making the sorting of bio-waste easier for the consumer. With a comprehensive solution, the end-user’s threshold to sort bio-waste is made easier. The final customer receives bio-waste bags and an innovative bio-waste container delivered directly to the door.

Bio-waste solution in brief

  • Bio-waste bags and baskets delivered directly to the building make sorting easy.
  • With well-functioning recycling, the amount of bio-waste can even be doubled, thereby significantly reducing the amount of waste to be incinerated.
  • Our bags are made of water and grease repellent paper to prevent paper breakage and leakage. The bags are 100% biodegradable.
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