Wastebag set 8 l (incl. 160 bio-waste bags and waste basket) single order


Shop our online store for all your food waste sorting needs for the whole year. Our paper bags are the most durable on the market and won't break or smell in use.

The package includes:

  • 160 pcs water and grease resistant paper bags
  • 1 bio-waste basket

The bags have a volume of 8 litres and dimensions of 200 x 155 x 360 mm.

The food waste bin measures 247 x 197 x 280 mm and fits an 8-litre bag. The bin is made separately for our paper bags. Ventilation is maximised and the bin fits most modern kitchen systems.

The paper wastebag is part of the ventilated system when kept in an airy rack. The bag is made of Nordic water-repellent kraft paper. One of the great benefits of the paper bag is that it does not have to be separated from the food waste before it goes to the biogas plant. In this way, no bio-waste is lost in the process. The paper bag collects the largest amount of bio-waste compared to other collection methods. Our bags decompose in a home composter.

Our most common standard bag, the 1008, has a capacity of around 8 litres and measures 20 x 15 x 36 centimetres.

The bio-waste bin is specially made for our paper bag 1008. It has grooves in the bottom to hold the bag firmly in place, and large open areas on the sides for optimum ventilation. The paper bag stays dry in our open air recirculating container. The paper bag must not be placed in a closed container. The waste bin is designed to fit most modern kitchen systems. The bin is made of recycled polypropylene and is grey-green in colour.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications of the food waste container

  • Dimensions: 247x197x280 mm
  • Volume: 8 litres
  • Colour: Grey-green
  • Material: recycled polypropylene
  • Packaging: 160 bags, 1 food waste container
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