Information on bio-waste bags

Jubilo's paper biowaste bag has unbeatable properties: it repels water and grease, prevents odours and is a fully degradable and microplastic-free biowaste bag for sorting biowaste.

According to a life cycle assessment by the Environmental Institute IVL (NrB 2307, May 2018), paper biowaste bags are by far the best option from an environmental point of view. Jubilo's bio-bags are made from Nordic renewable materials and have been designed to be unbeatable.

The rack and the bio-bag work best together

Jubilo's paper biowaste bags are made of wet-strength paper that repels water and grease. The bag is also flat-bottomed and breathable, making it ideal for biowaste collection.

The best results are achieved when using Jubilo's breathing system, a paper bio-bag with a specially designed roller. The rack maximises breathability, unlike a sealed plastic box. The waste stays dry as air circulates around and under the bag.

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Jubilo paper biowaste bag

  • The bio-bag prevents odours because the material breathes
  • more durable than other bags because wet laid paper repels water and grease
  • collects the most bio-waste
  • fully biodegradable, contains no microplastics
  • approval in accordance with EN 13432
  • can be used for a variety of purposes

We supply biowaste bags to waste treatment plants, housing companies and rental companies, as well as for sanitation needs around Finland. Read below for examples of how waste management companies and housing associations have used paper bio-bags and what their experiences have been like.

Biobags for waste management companies

Jubilo's bio-waste bags can also be ordered with the printing of your choice, so they can be widely used as a communication tool. The waste management company Stormossen is investing in communication in the Vaasa region, as the environmental issues of biowaste are a major topic of discussion in the area. As a result, the company is distributing Jubilo paper biowaste bags free of charge to people in the region, with its own printing.

"The success is clearly demonstrated by the 35% increase in bio-waste collection since the distribution of paper bags to residents."

Housing associations and rental housing companies

Many housing associations and rental companies (e.g. Y-Säätiö, TA-asunnot) order paper bio-bags to be distributed to apartments. We deliver the biobags and the accompanying breathable racks by biogas truck to their destination. When people sort their bio-waste correctly, the amount of bio-waste in the mixed waste is reduced and the waste disposal costs for the housing association are lowered. The disposal costs for mixed waste are twice as high as for bio-waste.

"Ithas been easier to use paper biobags than bioplastic bags. No need to worry about it breaking down. The bioplastic bag always sweats in its own container and is therefore difficult to take away to the trash. With this paper bag, there is no problem."

User survey 2018

"My biowaste sorting was completely revolutionised during the experiment!Itwas a brilliant idea and I hope it will become a standard practice in all Finnish homes."

User survey 2018

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