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Jubilo's wet waste bag is unbeatable: it repels water and grease, prevents odours and is a fully degradable, microplastic-free food waste bag for sorting food waste. The system is based on a ventilation system that promotes the evaporation of liquid from the waste. The waste is also lighter to transport. When ventilation works throughout the chain, the result is the best possible.

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Our customers tell us

Jubilo's paper food waste bags have been a welcome innovation. The success is clearly demonstrated by the 35% increase in bio-waste collection since the introduction of paper bags for residents.

Nina Lindman | Ab Stormossen Oy | Waste management company

Before the trial period, around 76% of respondents recycled their bio-waste, and during the trial period up to 93% of respondents reported recycling their bio-waste. The experience was positive.

Anu Vähäkallio | TA-Foundations | Rental Housing Company

We want to take responsibility and present relevant options in our store. This is how we live alongside our customers every day in our workplace.

Eemeli Aaltonen | K-Citymarket Hämeensaari | Grocery store

About paper bags

Our waste bags are a sustainable, environmentally friendly and hygienic disposable packaging material. It is also an ideal solution to many waste problems.


Wet laid paper is strong and even moisture resistant

Fully biodegradable

The material is biodegradable, which is ideal for food digestible or compostable waste


Paper bags provide a good and hygienic working environment for sanitation workers

100% paper

Does not contain microplastics
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We offer a better and more user-friendly solution for sorting bio-waste.

  • More efficient collection of bio-waste
  • Bio-waste among mixed waste is reduced
  • Improving the quality of bio-waste
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
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